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Pizza Cook

Primarily involved in pizza preparation which includes saucing, putting cheese, pizza make-up, pizza cooking, cutting pizzas, and clean-up work. Lifting required to 40lbs up to 20 times per shift. Cooks are on their feet during their entire shift. Must tolerate kitchen temperatures to approximately 90 degrees, be able to work on prep surface 36″ high, and be able to place and remove pizzas (on boards weighing up to 20lbs) into oven which are 50″ above the floor. Performs other duties as required.

Counter Person

Responsible for order taking, cash register operation, serving of pizzas, customer contact, clean-up and monitoring of the salad bar and rest rooms. Limited occasional lifting of 30lbs. Must be able to communicate well with customers. Generally on their feet for the entire shift. Repetitive hand/wrist movement is required. Most work at counter levels in excess of 36″. Performs other duties as required.

Bus Person

Clean tables, keep dining area floor and entryway clean, check rest rooms, wash dishes, wash glassware, fill napkin holders, and assist bartenders by providing needed supplies. Lifting is generally restricted to items weighing less than 15lbs, lifting occurring during 50% of a shift. A great deal of travel through the parlor is required (as much as five miles per shift), and employees must be able to balance trays and glassware when returning to busing area from tables. Performs other duties as required.

Playground Supervisor

Must really enjoy children. Playground Supervisors may be required to treat minor injuries. Lifting of young children is often required. Employees need to have a great deal of patience and must be able to communicate with parents and children. Controls children on playground, keeps play area clean, makes sure all play are equipment is in good working order and helps with birthday parties. Some repetitive movement occurs in vacuuming and cleaning. No temperature control in open play areas, so employee must tolerate extremes in outside temperature. Performs other duties as required.

Dough Roller

Mix and roll out dough, clean dough equipment and dough room, clean parking lot and rotate pizza skins. Weights in excess of 50lbs must be lifted throughout the shift, and some strength is required to knead the dough. Strenuous work requires a fair amount of strength. This job requires the ability to do a great deal of lifting and bending. Dough table is working height of 36″, limited travels is required. Employees must be capable of following recipes and performing repetitive structured tasks. Hands, wrist and arms are subject to repetitive movement.

Delivery Driver

Must have a three year perfect driving record. Loads pizzas into our delivery vehicles, drives our deliver vehicles and delivers pizzas to customers. Boxes of pizzas weighing to 30lbs must be carried to vehicles on each order. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be able to negotiate streets, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, steps and stairs in dark, wet and slick outdoor conditions while carrying pizzas. Considerable walking is required. Must be able to communicate well with customers. Drivers are on their feet approximately 50% of the shift. Must be 20 years or older. Performs other duties as required.


Work behind fountain counter serving beverages, operating cash register, supervising bus person, and dealing with customers. Lifting up to 5lbs required repeatedly through shift and must be able to retrieve items from shelves approximately 5 feet high. Bartenders must communicate well with customers and employees. Serving beverages requires repetitive hand and wrist movement. Limited travel outside of workstation. Must be able to exercise good judgment in dealing with person purchasing alcohol and must have, or obtain, and Oregon Liquor Control Commission Service Permit. Must be 21 years or older. Performs other duties as required.



If you are an employee or a dependent of an employee that has worked at Papa's Pizza for more than one year, you are eligible to apply for our Georgia Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund is to help one of our employees with their college expenses.

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